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Financial Planning


Individuals & Business Owners

Financial Planning is a broad concept that covers many areas of an individual's personal and professional life, from simple Budgeting to complex Estate & Tax Planning, and everything in between.

Financial Planning is a process that is designed to help an individual or business comprehensively plan for their goals, while addressing potential roadblocks and concerns.

Who needs a Financial Plan?

Everyone can benefit from creating a Financial Plan.

Clients some times feel their situation is too basic or that you need to be a High-Net Worth (HNW) individual to create a Financial Plan. Nothing is further from the truth. These are some of the individuals and areas we have been able to assist with:

  • Parents wanting to establish a College Fund for their children without losing sight of their Retirement goals.
  • Corporate Executive wanting to Retire in 10 years or less.
  • Small-business owner ready to design a Tax-Efficient Savings & Investment plan.
  • A Retired couple with the desire to leave a Legacy for their Church.

Business Owners have unique circumstances. Their net worth is usually tied up in the business. They generally work non-stop and rarely take days off. In my experience, Business Owners are usually weary of investing in anything else other than their business or real estate, are therefore not well diversified, requiring careful long-term planning. In addition, not all businesses are highly marketable, so it's important to consider ways to create additional income sources for the future. The advantage is that there are additional planning opportunities not available to employees of companies.

We leverage technology to help guide you in making the best possible decisions and to have the highest Probability of Success when creating your Plan.