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What many people don’t expect when they work with us is that we are also human. We have dreams, goals and concerns, just like you. We understand you!

We have worked with different individuals and have learned what works and what does not, which helps us be the competent advisors we are today. We use academic principles and leverage technology to help our clients make the best possible decisions today, in a practical manner.

Our desire for every one of our clients is that they feel a sense of confidence and can sleep well at night knowing we have developed a practical plan to help them achieve their goals.

Individual commitment to a group effort–
that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." 

Vince Lombardi

Alejandro S. Masferrer Photo Alejandro S. Masferrer Hover Photo

Alejandro S. Masferrer


Alex provides over 20 years of strategic & financial planning experience for his clients. He takes the time to understand his clients needs and goals, as well as, what's most important to them. This is critical when making recommendations, given that there are usually numerous solutions available when it comes to financial planning.

Alex works primarily with small-business owners and professionals in a wide variety of industries. Small-business owners are unique in that they usually are their business. In other words, the business will likely not survive for a long period of time without the business owner.

The primary area of focus for Alex is Values-Based Financial Planning, which covers the areas of Retirement, Investments and Insurance. Alex also works with clients in the area of Estate and Charitable Planning, in collaboration with CPAs and Attorneys, to ensure clients transfer their Estate in a thoughtful and tax-efficient manner.

Alex and Annette have been married for almost 20 years and they have a teenage son with a passion for Lacrosse. They enjoy traveling and fitness-oriented activities, like biking.